Eating - How Much Do You Feed Your Dog?

How often and How much should a six month old female eat daily?

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How much to feed
by: Marie

My two 7 month old blue merle Aussies just had a visit with the vet. They are litter mates, but very different. Mya, is of a little slighter build and weighs 42 lbs. Zoli (short for Zoliki=Basque for alert, bright, etc)is a bigger build and weighs 46 lbs. Both about the same length and height. The vet said Zoli was borderline over weight and to cut back. They are each fed once a day (just started that about a month ago) and given 1 3/4 cups of dry puppy food of good quality. I cut the serving size down from about 2 cups and separate them because Zoli was ready to clean up what Mya would leave. Hope this helps.

Eating - How Much Do You Feed Your Dog?
by: Anonymous

My Aussie is 4 months and 27 lbs. My vet said normal weight for Aussies is 40-65 lbs and they will usually stop eating when full. My vet also said anywhere between 3-4 cups of food a day depending on activity. They are full of energy, but need to learn lots of tricks and 'chores' to keep busy and then they will not get into trouble if they are kept busy. They will even learn things like bringing dirty laundry to the laundry room or laundry basket or pulling a cart from a garden to the house. Just keep them busy because they are smarter than other breeds.
I also have 2 beagles that will eat until they explode if i let them. I keep food seperate, but my Aussie has been housebroken since 8 weeks old - never one accident. He already knows - sit, come, high five (both paws) and now working on fetch with a frizbee and jumping through a hoop (hula hoop lol). We also walk on average of about 3 miles a day and I've never had him on a leash and he doesn't wander off either. :)

by: butch

I have a 6 month old female aussie i feed her a cup in the morning and a cup in the afternoon is this enough she acts like she is starving all the time

How much should a 1 yr old male eat
by: Kathy

How much should he eat daily? He is about 1 yrs old Male Red tri Aussie

my dog
by: Jean

my Australian shepherd is five years old & 95 pounds , need to find out how much to feed him, he's not to active

Just adopted a ‘retired breeder’
by: Susan

She’s 8 and no longer having puppies so they didn’t want her anymore.
They gave me no info about her feeding schedule. I did get the name of the food she’s eating. How much should I feed her?

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