Eating Poop

How do I get my 9 mo old female Aussie to stop eating her own poop? We have gone to leashing and picking up immediately, but can't let her out in the yard to play by herself. We tried For-bid, but it isn't working. We have taught her leave it, but again only works if we are right there.

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Eating Poop
by: Nonnie

We had an Aussie who did that. I never got her to stop. She never went in the yard alone. Unfortunately, she developed a gastrointestinal hemorrhage one week before her first birthday. We had to have her put to sleep. It was awful. I don't know if that is related to her eating poop, or if possibly she got into some type of poison. Anyway, good luck with your Aussie.

We miss Carly so much that we now have two eight month old Aussie puppies. One blue eyed blue merle mini Aussie and one brown eyed black tri toy Aussie. They are the light of our lives.


This helped for us
by: Christa

Our Aussie was always eating her own poo, I even asked my vet why and no one could tell me. I read some where that some animals eat their poo because they are not getting the nutrition they need in their food. I switched dog food, I now feed her real food. We get chicken backs and necks from the butcher (they cut it in bite size peices) I add veggies and she's never eaten her poo again. That was 6 yrs ago, Trio is now 10yrs old and is very healthy. Suprizingly enough it's cheaper too. Good luck to you.

by: Anonymous

I have an 8 month old male Aussie who eats EVERYTHING but his expensive wilderness food we buy him. He eats his poop, noxious weeds, sticks, dog tags, dryer sheets, lint from the dyer, you name it. We have him to the vet 3 times to be checked out. No matter what we do he beats us to it and will not give it up. He thinks it's a game or something. We have purchased around $400 in chew toys. He had more toys than a day care. He chews the squeaky out of the toys and swallows it. He weighs 51 lbs. we are at wits end. He is my 76 yr old mothers dog who had a blue healer/Aussie mix and he was no problem. All her dogs have lived to 17 yrs old. We adore this dog but don't know what to do with him. Taking him to pet smart for training. He had the 7 yr old border collie stressed to max. This dog feels like he has to control you die. Any suggestions are helpful.

Article About A Dog Eating Poop And What You Can Do
by: Anton

There is an article on the site about this called, What Can You Do About Your Dog Eating Poop?

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