E-Collars and Aussies...Good Idea or Not?

by Jean
(Millbrook, NY)

I have gotten some great advice from this site. If you are a regular reader, you may have heard from me before. I am the owner of Tucker, a 5 year old male with an obsession with any kind of ball on TV... there is no watching any sporting event on my TV without locking him in another room! We have tried everything and it is getting worse. He is a great dog but when it comes to the TV, my husband and I like to say "he has got a screw loose"!

I am not a fan of e-collars but would like to know if anyone has used one and what the outcome was. My vet had told me not to use one on an Aussie because it could make matters worse. My husband has lost complete patience with the situation (can't blame him at all) and we are desperate to fix this problem. It also must be very stressful for Tucker. He just can't relax when the TV is on and anyone who says that dogs don't watch TV, have obviously not met Tucker!

Any advice on e-collars for an Aussie would be much appreciated.


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I agree with your Vet
by: Anonymous

no, no, no, it will make him crazy. i put that on my aussie after he was neutered, and couldn't keep it on him, and that was short term. you need to help calm him down, maybe give him some natural calm pills; or you could try giving him a bone to chew on while the tv is on. either way you need to seek him some help to help him, not make him worse. does he get enough exercise? maybe, maybe, pick up a Ceasar Milan book or tape and see if you can get some tips. I know, our boys are wild and crazy at times. I resorted to a silent dog whistle,so when they bark excessively, or fight, I call their attention with it, they stop what they are doing, and come to me, and if they continue to behave I give them a treat. maybe you can try that a s well. you blow the whistle, have him come and sit calmly beside you, and give him a treat everytime he does, hopefully, he'll make the connection (they are smart, and quick learners) and that may help. worth a try. best to you and Tucker. keep us posted.

e collar
by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

I would not use an e collar except under a professional. You can make matters worse.

My Dundee was so TV crazy that we could watch nothing with animals at all. He thought the TV was a window and he would run from window to window looking for what he saw on TV. Barking on TV would drive him nuts! We just lived with it for 14 1/2 years and, as you can see, he is still a topic of conversation. Just love that Tucker boy!

by: yusaf

you could try to train it out of him a good way to give a strong correction is a squirt bottle with watered down vinegar. its completely harmless to the dog but they hate the taste and smell of it, whenever you have the undesired behavior just squirt him

Thanks for the Advice
by: Jean and Tucker

Thanks for your advice and it has confirmed my thoughts that using an e-collar is not a good idea. I am actually relieved because I was dreading the thought of using one!

We have tried everything (and I mean every trick in all the dog training books) but it is like a switch goes off in his head and there is no getting his attention. I like the idea of the silent whistle... I will go out and get one today and try that out! Didn't see that idea in any of the many books I read.


by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

PLEASE use positive reinforcement training. Go to a real "dog whisperer" who does not use harsh training methods.

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

You can also try trick training or use the time to practice obedience training. "Doggy push-ups" are great. If you need to you can contact me personally at bgrnaussie@comcast.net

by: Anonymous

If an e-collar is a shock collar, I use one on my aussie for the purpose of keeping her in the yard. Works great and keeps her safe.

e collar
by: Anonymous

I use an e collar on my aussie female and it works wonders. She is very well behaved normally but we live in town so I put it on her when we go out in the yard. I have never had to shock her she responds really well to just the tone. If she goes outside the yard she gets a tone and immediately turns around and comes back. Or if she is getting too excited with a visitor. It's like when she hears the tone it breaks her out of her hyped state of mind and reminds her to calm down. This does not work on all aussies though. It depends on the dog. I tried it on my male aussie who is more of an spastic energetic dog and it absolutely was the wrong move. Like I said every dog is different. If you are going to try an e collar I would borrow someones first before you spend the money on one to see how it goes. Do not buy a cheap one, they do not work and you will waste your money. I spent over $300 dollars on my nice one but I bet I spent well over $300 dollars on cheap ones that I ended up throwing away.

E collars
by: Anonymous

I have a 2 year old Aussie...also named Tucker who is a true joy to our family. Tucker began to have horrid problems with aggression toward other dogs when on a leash. We have used an E collar on him and it has changed our lives! He is now the perfectly behaved, happy Aussie that he should be!!

depends on the individual
by: Aussie lover

Years ago I got an e collar for my ADHD Aussie. I much prefer positive reinforcement, but he was putting his life in danger and it was a last resort. Unfortunately it didn't help at all. He always had to be in a fenced yard or on a leash. HOWEVER - I am currently using the same collar on my one year old Aussie who is much less ADHD. So far it is working well (fingers crossed). NEVER use it as punishment. A quick "zap" is enough to get his attention - then I quickly use positive reinforcement when he responds appropriately. You wouldn't train your child by letting him wander and giving him candy if he doesn't run into the street. You just can't afford to wait for the unthinkable to happen.

Ecollars are not shock collars
by: Anonymous

My Aussie has been trained on an educator 300 ecollar. He's 2 years old . At a year he was kicked out of doggie daycare for fighting another dog. Was a resource guarder at home, drawing blood a number of times on my other dog over food/treats. He was over exuberant, always "on", full of adrenaline. Would jump on guests, counter surf, charge the fence. I brought him to a balanced trainer and within 4 weeks he was a new improved version of himself. Did not change his personality, still a loving silly dog only now he is able to relax and mind. Freely shares food, toys with other dogs. I can walk him entirely off leash for miles and will remain by my side. I take him everywhere. Strangers constantly stop me and comment on what a great dog he is. He has so much more freedom now, we play ball in public parks, doesn't run out the front door or car dog. Best behaved dog I ever had and is included in all family activities. I challenge anyone to say he is not a happy healthy balanced dog.

by: Anonymous

I have a very hyper aussie who lives outside and gets a ton of exercise but she can be a little bit of handful to focus on certain things. I love my ecollar for her because when she has it on, she is totally dedicated to what we are doing. After the first or second time of shocking her, she knows as soon as she has it on, to listen and listen good. Aussies are very smart, and think rapidly and you have to be on your game all the time. Her biggest issue was digging and with the ecollar I was not constantly yelling at her and hurting her feelings. I just would nick her and she would quit. Now we don't even have to have the ecollar turned on to make her mind. I also have a very large (92lb) aussie who can be a little stubborn. He wants to do what he wants when he wants. The ecollar has given me the freedom to correct both of them without yelling and hurting their feelings. They know as soon as they have them put on that they are to be on their best behavior. After about two or three days, I take them off and they are as good as gold. I use the Dogtra collars for my aussies. I want the dogs to have a lot of freedom but with good behavior. I actually think that the aussies are smarter than we are.

by: Anonymous

I have a 11 month old Mini australian. He has shown aggression to other dogs, people and neighborhood kids as well by nipping and barking/growling!!! He was neutered recently but that didn't seem to make too much of a difference? I am thinking of getting a shock collar to help his behavior. I am thinking he thinks he's the Alpha...advice

For people who use an e collar
by: Anonymous

What brand and model works best?

by: Anonymous

Under the direction of a trainer I used an e-collar on my Aussie and am very happy with the results. It has helped with her re-call and leash aggression. We do a lot of hiking in the mountains and my Aussie is usually very good at staying on the trail except when she sees a critter she wants to heard. The e-collar gets her attention so she won't chase and comes back to the trail. Aussie is a social butterfly, attends puppy day care and is great with all dogs. Walking on leash she occasionally will re-act to another dog. The e-collar again gets her attention back to me. I don't use the collar often but am glad to have it on when I need it. If she doesn't wear it she notices and her behavior changes - she is not as obedient. Under the direction of a good trainer the e-collar can be tool to help your dog and keep her safe.

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