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Eight Week Old Puppy Leash Biting

by Shay
(Prairie Village, KS)

I have an eight week old Aussie female. Her mother was rescued while pregnant and mine was born to a liter in foster care.

I don't think she had any structure before I got her a few days ago so we're starting with all the basics. So far so good everywhere but the leash. And that she bites at and tugs at like a wild toy.

I've looked up some videos on correcting this but people are starting with much older puppies. I'd hate to think I'd have to wait a couple months to get her on a leash. Anyone have any suggestions for very young puppies?

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by: Anonymous

Our Aussie is 11 months old. He is getting better now but we went through 3 leashes that he chewed and pulled. We tried the chain leash but I didn't like it. I finally ordered a Tuff Leash that he cannot chew through. He still wants to pull/play with the leash but has gotten better.

Leash biting
by: Anonymous

It's a common trait of Aussies, part puppy play, part control. With my pup I tried just ignoring it, keep walking so she has to keep up, do it in short sessions at first. I also tried luring with treats, again working in short sessions at first. Some trainers recommend having the puppy on a leash clipped to you as you move around in the house. That gets them used to the idea that they must come with you - but it also can result in a Velcro pup! Whatever you do, you should keep in mind that it will take a lot of positive training and many months to correct. Just part of the breed! Good luck, it will be worth it.

Biting leash
by: Anonymous

We had the same problem and our vet said to drag a stick in front of our pup. Solved our problem instantly. We only had to do that for a few weeks. Our pup was so interested in the stick, he forgot about the leash.

Leash biting trick
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue with our mini, and have found the best remedy for our pup is to put a very small amount of vaseline on the end of the leash where they can bite it, and then sprinkled a little cayenne pepper over the vaseline. It did not upset his stomach, and took him about a week to stop the leash biting all together.

Before that I tried putting lemon juice on the end of the leash, which my pup licked right up. Next I tried white vinegar, but he didn't seem repulsed at all.

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