Empty Water Bowl

Why does she empty out her water bowl (she uses front paws in digging motion to get all the water out of her bowl).

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water play
by: jcrply

Sound like you have a pup who would like to play in water. I bet she would have a blast with a kiddie pool!

I want to know this too!
by: Rob

Zola has stopped digging her water bowl, but it took many many corrections.

Why the hell do aussies do this?!

empty water bowl
by: Anonymous

Mine plays in water all the time--2 ponds, several creeks, kiddie pool, and water hose. Yet, she paws the water out of her bowl!! I h ave no idea why. Was curious if anyone knows why they do that. Most of the time it's fresh water right out of picket. Never seen anything like it!

water bowl
by: Anonymous

My aussie did this when she was a pup but outgrew it. Not sure why. Maybe she realized that when the water is gone and it is 100 degrees outside with no water she shouldn't do it anymore!

Good bye water
by: Anonymous

Just got our Aussie... She did the same thing. We began taking the water away after the was finished, she doesn't do it anymore!

not just an aussie thing!
by: Anonymous

my springer does this! and so does my step moms lab golden mix. i think its because they want to play in the water. i bet they would have a blast in a lake or pond

Digging water bowl
by: Anonymous

They are hot. So they are trying to cool themselves down.

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