Enough Exercise for Australian Shepherd?

We have a six month old Aussie and we exercise her in the morning prior to her breakfast (typically a jog around the neighbourhood or tossing the ball at the field down the street) and then she gets exercised at night before bed (brisk walk, visit to the dog park or chasing the ball).

During the day, she will have access to Kong filled with treats, some obedience training and we have another dog and they play together.

I'm just curious what people's exercise routines look like? What kind of games, activities can I add to supplement her stimulation?

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Aussie activities
by: Eliza4u2

I'd say your pup is one lucky pup! You're the kind of parent an Aussie needs and you are to be commended for your efforts!

You’re doing so much with your pup now, but what I would suggest to anyone owning a dog, in addition to regular exercise, i.e., walks, dog parks, dog beach, playing ball and tug a war, etc., is to look for a very good trainer and enroll him/her into group classes with activities that provide a lot of socialization, and mental and physical stimulation. They will learn proper behavioral techniques while playing and having fun at the same time, plus the trainer is there to address any problems and issues you have with your dog. It’s a great bonding experience for you and your pup (and you’ll be just as exhausted as your pup when the class is over!) If time permits and it’s affordable, I’d suggest ongoing classes throughout a dog’s lifetime. There certainly is no harm done. Take a look online for agility classes and other numerous events in your area that go on year round where you can take your dog.

My dog is 15 months. He's the most active and intelligent Aussie I’ve had in my life - a level three, meaning high energy, physically and mentally. Whoa! And I just turned 60. Yikes! (I didn’t look for one with this stamina purposely. LOL!) He requires LOTS of exercise and play. If he doesn’t get it, he will sit and stare at me, whine and pace the floor. I always give in! Our routine usually consists of two outings a day - usually a brisk walk in the morning or the dog park if I'm feeling lazy, then later in the afternoon, a hike for an hour or two. I live in the suburbs with nearby hiking trails and mountains, so that makes it easier. Plus they aren’t too busy with people and dogs, so this gives my dog the opportunity to run like heck and exert all that energy while off lead! The beach is another place that’s even better because it is so open and the dogs are so free. On hot days and nice evenings, it’s heaven!

Hope this helps a little and that I didn't go comp'etely off track!

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