Escape Artist From All Kennels

I have spent hundreds of dollars on crates from wire type to AKC reg type of hard plastic with only a wire door. He had the plastic ones with wire doors down in 5 minutes! He pulls the door in with his paws until he bends them, yanks the door in and walks right out. Can pull bars apart on wire kennels of many sorts and is out in 5-10 minutes... I am at wits end because he gets anxious when I have to leave him alone. He would rather sit all day in a car waiting for me and will do nothing to attempt to escape... but the heat of summer is a no no for that. I need to plan a trip and he will be home with my fiance who has to work all week... please, please give me a viable solution that won't cost me the farm! Respectfully,

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by: Anonymous

Wow. well, you can teach to stay at home alone and not be destructive, by going out a few minutes at a time, returning and rewarding him if he NOT destroyed anything, but if he has, you would have to discipline him, so that he gets it. I have a three dogs, different breeds and ages,my oldest girl actually clawed her way through the bottom of the crate, and ruined my wood floors when she was younger, and so I did what I just told you, and she learned. it take time and patience and consistency. If you don't have the time right now because you are going away, and your fiance works, then maybe consider a doggie day care. I don't know how much it cost, but hey anythings better than what you are going through now. When you get back, try what I suggested; now if you still can't because you work, and he's home alone bored, and the day care is too costly, maybe a dog walker/sitter can come to your house once a day? We did that years ago when we had to go away, and we only had the one dog. a girl came daily and walked my dog, played with her, fed her, and took care of my cats too. granted it was only for a week, but she came twice daily.
best to you and your boy. keep us posted.
By the way, these dogs are very attached to humans and they also do better in twos (which is how I wound up with more, because I found leaving her alone was not good for her, nor us)

Escape Artist
by: Anonymous

You may have to try leaving him at a vet's office that boards. Most of the time, their kennels are sturdier than any others. Also, if he does try to escape, they will be there to catch him. I would try it before you have to leave.

Our little toy Aussie tore up two kennels before we got her a strictly wire kennel. Then she tore up the nylon cover the first time we put it on. If we cover it with a towel, we have to make sure none of the edges are where she can get them. She does not try to get out of the wire kennel now. She will be two years old in September.

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