Escaping Aussie

by Brenda

We just brought our new Aussie home 3 days ago. She is a 4 year old female. She has been getting out of our yard. Always comes back when I whistle. How do I teach her not to leave the yard. It is fenced. Sometimes she digs out. Sometimes she pushes the boards on the fence. We have shored up I think everything and she still finds a way. Please help. Brenda

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escaping aussie
by: jcrply

Sorry, but my first thought was Why is she in the yard alone? Aussies crave companionship and are not the best choice as a yard dog.

Flight risk
by: Kathy

Our dog is also an escape artist. We too got her as an adult, and once out she spooks and runs mindlessly, not responding to calls at all. You are lucky yours comes back!

Perhaps others have training tips - meanwhile shore up your back yard like Fort Knox. You can run a length of chicken wire round the base to stop digging. Part of the thrill for an Aussie is finding the escape route. They do love a challenge.

We also monitor her time spent in the yard - she goes out for bathroom duties and that's all. Exercise is always done on leash.

Good luck,


by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Aussies are known escape artists. With her being so newly added to your family, she should probably not be left alone outside by herself. She does not know why she is there and might be trying to go to someplace familiar to her. You don't want her to get hit by a car. She needs to bond to you and it may take a while. The only way she can do that is to be with you at all possible times. However inconvenient it can be, you need to be with her when she is outside. Practice recalls with lots of high value treats. Play ball and frisbee with her. Make sure she has enough exercise. Good luck with you new little girl.

Last to days
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments and help. She is doing much better. We have shored up the fencing even more. I have been taking her for a walk morning and evening and have been going out lots of times during the day. I tried to get here to come in and be where I was working. She headed right for the back door to go out. I am so thankful she has not gotten out for the last two days. Tonight we will take her out for a long hike with us, if it is not to hot. She seems happy now. I think she is settling in.

try rocks
by: zach

my Australian shepherd love to dig her way out so you may wanna try putting rocks around the base of the fence.

Add rocks.
by: Anonymous

Thank you...we have put rocks in some areas, and cement blocks in other areas.

She is doing great now. I think it was the adjustment period for her...she didn't understand, why she was taken from her family... and was missing them and scared.

We recently went on vacation. Did not want to take her this year until we can train her. So she stayed at the vets doggy motel. They took her on walks, she escaped...They said she can climb chain link fences too. She is quit the escape artist.

I am so thankful she has accepted us as her new family. She is not escaping anymore. She is a sweet dog.

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