Exercising Your Australian Shepherd From Puppyhood - Adulthood

by Kenneth Caco
(Valenzuela, Philippines)

Hello, I will be getting an Australian Shepherd puppy in 1 month, I would like to ask, how do you exercise your Australian Shepherd? I live in a medium sized house in the city, and I would like him to be tired if I leave for school, and tire him out again if I come back from school.

He's going to be 2 months old, what is the ideal crate size for him when he grows up?

Thank You So Much!

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word of caution
by: Anonymous

I don't know exactly but I will caution you NOT to overdo it with him, because he is still a pup. pups play and sleep,play and sleep, not much difference from children. you have to be careful not to cause any unnecessary pressure, or harm to their young bones. perhaps you can ask your vet, or get a magazine/book that can give you more of a detail schedule.

my boy is only 10 months old, and he loves to run, and play, but he also tires(especially in the heat) and will seek cool places to sit/rest/sleep. I do know that agility trainning is NOT recommended before the his 1st birthday.

I think if you leave him toys(nothing too small he can swollow, not anything that has a hole, where he can get his tongue stuck)he should be fine, when you do have to leave him for alittle while. Again, remember, he is just a puppy, he will cry, and he might even chew stuff. I trainned our boy on floor pads in the house, but now he hasn't needed to use them amore in months, but its good to train them for those really rough days you can't get them out as often as they need to go(pouring rain,ets)

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