Extra Large Australian Shepherd?

by John C
(Jacksonville, FL)

My first large Aussie.

My first large Aussie.

So it seems like with Mini and Toy Aussies getting so popular that Australian Shepherds are getting smaller. I have a blue merle that's about 55lbs. My first Aussie passed away last year and I've been trying to find a second Aussie. I really want an Aussie on the larger side, in the 60-75lbs range but it's harder than you would think.

Does anyone know of a breeder that specializes in larger Aussies?

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check the breed standard
by: Anonymous

The breed standard states that males are to be between 50-65 lbs and females between 40-55 lbs. Why would you want a dog that is bigger than the standard? I use to own Newfs. The breed standard for a female is 100-120. I had a very nice bitch that was 119 lbs. She looked like a pup in the confirmation class. Most females were weighing in at 130-145 lbs. They were showing more and more health issues like joint problems and torn ligaments. I'd rather have a healthy smaller (within the breed standard) dog than a bigger one with health issues. My female Aussie weighs in between 52 and 53 lbs.

Large Puppies
by: Jeri Weber

We got our blue merle Frankie from a breeder in New Mexico, Desert Willow Aussies. Frankie weighs in at 75lbs, and his sire (Cool Hand Luke) was equally that, maybe bigger, there are pups from his litter that are probably close to ready for their new home. Go to the website and speak with owner Theresa Gorduyn.

by: Anonymous

I agree I think having a healthy standard weight Australian Shepherd is much better not only for you but for your Aussie because they don't enjoy having health problems and I wouldn't want my Aussie having health problems due to her weight. It's better to just have standard Aussie weight size is nothing compared to just enjoying your healthy fur baby.

Extra Large Aussie
by: Rebecca

We have had three female Aussies and they have all been between 50-55 lbs. Our vet recommended we keep them at that weight for reasons of maximum health. They have all been wonderfully active and extremely intelligent. I agree with those who recommend the standard size Aussie.

Large standard
by: John

I'm not asking for an overweight Aussie, I'm asking for a large standard. My first Aussie that passed was 14. She was very healthy until she came down with cancer. No bone or joint issues at all. She averaged 65lbs her entire adult life.

Breed standard according to who???
by: Anonymous

I’ve always thought the ASCA standard only listed height (20 to 23" at shoulder), not weight. Were you referring to AKC? There are a lot of AKC types trying to make the "Big, Dumb, and Fluffy" phrase a reality, not just a joke by breeding bulky, awkward dogs. On the other hand, I’ve seen true working dogs 23" or maybe over that were probably close to 70lbs that no one would call oversize after watching them work all day long. Maybe that’s the type they were looking for.

Come on people
by: Anonymous

Are you people politicians, or just dense? He is saying he had an Aussie that was bred to be large in the first place. Not feed the damn thing to pig status, come on people.

Almost 30 years ago I had an Aussie on my ranch pushing cattle by my side that was a working machine and my best friend for 17 years. He weighed 85 lbs and could take down a pack of coyotes. Supper smart, agile, brave, and loyal to a fault.

That is what he and I want to find again.
The problem is that all of you yuppies have bred the large Aussies out of existence. So that you could have your helper dogs and damn minis. Just another breed of dog you all have ruined.

Larger Aussie
by: Anonymous

Our Aussie fluctuates between 80-85 lbs, and is strong willed, loving, and loyal as can be. He is very healthy and not overweight. He can outwork me any day of the week, but is content hanging out with us just as well.

We got ours from a farm breeder in Quebec; him and his brothers and sisters were bred to work. The bigger Aussies exist up North, but I have seen few his size.

Large Healthy Aussie
by: Jeannie

I had to comment, even if this might be old. I’m not sure why there were any negative comments. My family and my brother's family got a male black tri Aussie from the same litter. Our two pups were the biggest in the litter. My brother's dog, 22" at the shoulder between 60 and 65 lbs, super cute dog. My Harley, 26" at the shoulder healthy weight between 80 and 85 lbs, he’s as quick as his brother, as smart, as funny and happy. They are so much the same dog, mine's just big. Just like people they can be different. Can Harley be shown, I suppose not but I would attempt to get another his size...he’s pretty darn cool. The breeder is in Oregon.

Big Dude
by: Cody

I have a Male, he is constantly 77-80lbs. He is not overweight. We ride xc mntn bikes regularly in the hills of NB. We walk, daily on a 5-7k of leash loop and never gets out of the pool her at home. My vet says he is overweight. I shaved him and he is not a chunky dude, all the right signs of normal weight. His paws are massive. He is solid solid like a Mat Fraser. I saw one comment from a farmer saying he has a large Male. The vet has me thinking he is off breed but he is all aussie. Anyway, not sure why I care. Mostly because an overweight vet is telling me my active dog and I are overweight. Anyway. Just frustrating every 6mnths at vet.

I completely understand this
by: Anonymous

I have an Aussie who has always been between 65-75 lbs and so many vets have asked me to have him lose weight, even though it’s obvious he’s much taller than most Aussies. His mom was huge and I honestly wondered if he was purebred at first until I saw all of the breeders purebred certifications. My Aussie is very active and always has been since I love taking him hiking and I live in the mountains. I’m from Tennessee and I got him from a breeder in Benton, Tn by the name of Lynn Roark. It’s been about 4 years since I got him from them, but I think he’s still breeding them. They live on a huge farm and the pups grow up running around with horses, working dogs, and more.

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