Eye Drainage

by Ann

Ayla wants to drive

Ayla wants to drive

My black tri Aussie has always had eye drainage (eye boogery stuff). I asked the vet about it and they stated if she is rolling around in the dirt etc that could cause it. She does but it's all the time not just when she's outside. Is this normal for Aussies?

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eye gunk
by: Becky T

We've had 4 aussies. 2 of them have had this problem a lot. They hate you wiping because I imagine it gets tender. I try to always keep a little thin film of vasoline where it forms under their eyes. If some gets crusted I put a dab of it on and kind of rub it in the crust . Later just wipe it off with a soft cloth. Hope this helps. My Grandma used to show cockers and this is what she used.

Eye drainage
by: Anonymous

I don't know - but that picture makes me laugh! What a hoot! Such personality.

Yes, my black tri has it too!
by: Eliza4u2

OMG! Your Aussie looks just like mine!! And mine has the eye gunk too! Your vet might be right. I knick-named my dog Roley-Poley because he's always rolling around in the dirt and grass! The gunk seems better now that he's 14 months, but was really gooey when he was a younger puppy. It'll probably subside as your dog grows.

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