Fear Aggression In Puppies Towards Other Dogs

by Lori
(Saint Louis)

I just bought two Aussie pack mate brothers who are now 15 weeks old. They are very mellow and gentle with humans/children. My concern is they are very aggressive towards other dogs. They lunge at dogs showing their teeth growling and barking. If I introduce one dog (who is bigger and I believe is protecting his brother) then things go better but not much. My 7 year old Aussie mix still gets barked at but not snarled/attacked at anymore.

When I introduce them to a dog, I do it one-on-one. I hold my pup and pet the other dog saying,"nice" in calm voice. This works after about 5 minutes but I can hear my pup whine every once in a while as if he's scared. Eventually I give him room and he will get up to explore the other dog in a very timid way. It's as if they don't know how to play with another dog other than themselves and are afraid of all other dogs.

The vet told me they are establishing pack order. This is different. I think they would bite if I let them go.

They went crazy in Petsmart. It was like a heart attack in a shopping cart.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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by: Anonymous

Wish I had advice for you to on how to stop it. All I can say is do your best now while they are young. I have a 5 year Aussie who is aggressive toward other dogs. She will run off of our property at other dogs as they are being walked by seemingly not posing any threat to us. It is very stressful because she is an amazing people dog. I have seen a behaviour specialist a couple of times and have made a bit of progress but she is still very unpredictable when it comes to other dogs. Sometimes she is fine but then she goes after a dog. She has actually bit two other dogs (no blood but never the less scary for the other dog) One of the dogs actually attacked her several months prior but the other one did not.

agressive Aussie
by: Anonymous

A neighbor on my street has an Australian shepherd and every time I take my dog ( a lab house dog) out to the bathroom this dog runs at us and tries to attack my dog. He has even come on my porch trying to get at him. He got to him in my back yard and left 5 puncture wounds one so severe in the thigh that my dog couldn't walk on that leg for 3 days. Unfortunately my county has no leash law so I don't really know what to do. The owners know that their dog will attack other dogs but they still let him run loose. So yes, yes, and yes they are agressive and vicious toward other dogs especially smaller and more gentle breeds.

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