Fear Aggression Toward Other Dogs

by Kelly

My 1 yr old Mini Aussie (male) is just a sweetheart. He is a cuddle bug and very timid, easy going. He's not agressive towards humans, just takes him a bit to warm up to men. He does gets aggresive with other dogs. He let's them sniff his butt, but once they are face to face his hair stands up and he snaps! I know it's his own insecurities and he is scared, but how do I fix this? I'm afraid to bring him around other dogs.

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Fear Aggression
by: Nonnie

Our mini Aussie had the same issue, fear aggression. Obedience class helped immensely. There are times when she still shows signs of aggression, we immediately begin a few days of reminders.

Aggression towards other dogs
by: Anne

When your dog snaps at other dogs how do you react? Do you correct him?
You NEED to bring him around other dogs. You are not helping him by avoiding the situation.
An obedience class is a good start. Be aware the instructor may ask you to muzzle him during class as a safety measure.
The class will help with socialization and you becoming the alpha dog.
Hope that helps.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Anonymous

Thank you! I do bring him around other dogs a lot. I correct the issue immediately. The hardest part is the owner of the other dogs, they freak out when my dogs hair goes up and they immediately judge me and think I'm wrong and a bad owner... so it's more overwhelming for me! I have some good close friends with dogs so he is slowly getting used to it! I'm trying to be confident with it too! Thanks guys :)

snapping at other dogs
by: Anonymous

My dog began this behaviour when she reached the age of 2. She was very socialized as a pup. I find when meeting other dogs nose to nose at the end of the leash is her trigger... even though she is eager to meet them as is wagging her tail. I think it is her way of showing dominance over them b/c she doesn't do it to more dominant dogs. I find off leash she is great, or if we walk her with the other dog first to let them get to know each other side by side but no lingering sniffing. I too just avoid the nose to nose... she has never bitten but it does give her a bad name when I think she is just showing dominance~I don't believe it is aggression in her case.

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