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Fearful Aggression Please Help!

by Patrick

My wife and I recently took in two beautiful Red Merle Aussies, Holtz and Montana. They are 6 months old, and we love them. Very smart and very loving dogs (to us).

The problem lies, not with other dogs, but people. They bark and prance around like crazy at the very sight of another person. It's now manifested into fearful aggression, they are actually snapping at them while backing up. With that being said, what's strange is that it isn't all the time. One day they're fine with my neighbor, the next day, they bark and snap. We can't figure them out.

Does anybody have any tips to share? We socialized them when they were young, and they're fine around other dogs and some people... but we can't have this behavior.


Note from Anton: Daniel Stevens' program deals with dog aggression. Here's the link.

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