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Feeding 9 Week Old Puppy

I have a mini female red merle that is 9 weeks old. We are feeding her 1 cup of food a day as recommended by the breeder. She always seems to be hungry. We feed her around 7am and 3pm, but around noon and 8pm she sits at her bowl and whines.

Any suggestions would help.

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feeding a puppy
by: jcrply

Puppies should be fed 4 times a day. Smaller meals are easier to digest for the puppy and energy levels don't peak and fall so much with frequent meals.
As for how much to feed: watch the dog, not the dish. Body condition, not the amount eaten or left in the bowl, should determine portion sizes. Portion sizes depend on individual metabolism and body type, and nutritional requirements vary from dog to dog.
If your puppy starts to skip a meal or picks at food at that meal, don’t worry. It could mean she is ready to eliminate a feeding or that you have given her too much, in which case simply reduce the quantity served.
At around six months you can start feeding twice a day if you need to for convenience, but it's o.k. to feed an adult dog three times a day.
For an adult dog, ideally you should be able to feel but not see the ribs and by looking straight down at your dog while she is standing there should be a recognizable waist.
The food you choose is very important. Here is a website that I trust. It tests and reviews lots of dog foods. Choose a puppy food that has a five-star rating.

Hungry puppy
by: Anonymous

Try splitting her feeds up into 3 or 4 smaller meals. Twice a day is not ideal for such a young puppy. I would feed her first thing, lunchtime, mid afternoon and then in the evening. Also check she is getting enough food for her weight. I would weigh her once a week, on the same day, and adjust her weekly feed accordingly. Your food should have a guideline on it as to how much food per body weight.

Feeding young puppies
by: Anonymous

Make sure you are feeding her puppy food which is richer that they need to grow; I took mine down to once a day and adult food at 6 months. She has an internal clock and knows when it's 5pm. If you are putting her to bed around 8, give her a dental bone and a treat.

Mine is a tri and 2.5 yrs old now, keeping her weight down as heavy weight is hard on their bones. You might give her a tablespoon of 100% pure pumpkin purée at noon, they like it and it provides moisture and fiber.

Since Diesel only eats once a day, she gets 2 T in the morning.

by: Treena

If she is siting at her bowl I would be feeding her especially as she is young! It's all trial and error, maybe one scoop isn't enough you could always put puppy milk with it to fill her more! Our Aussi is not one for food, we feed her in the morning and she may not eat that until lunch or maybe even later!! And then there are other days she woofs it down you just don't know.

Hungry Aussies
by: Keith

I have 2 aussies and they would eat a whole bag of food if I let them. One of them once got into the cat food and ate a whole 7 lb bag. They are an active breed and probably burn off the calories pretty well.

Mostly due to my work schedule, I feed them between 6:30 and 7 in the morning and then around dinner time too which can be as late as 7 or 8 if we go the park for a while after work.

Maybe spacing out the meals would help and possibly a healthy snack around noon and before bed might help.

by: beth

We Google how much pups should eat...3 to 4 times . a day...Our 4 month female is 25 pounds. .
Slim...and eats 2 times a day...In training so she gets lots of treats which count as a meal

by: Anonymous

My toy Aussie is 9wks old. Bought some good puppy, food from vet. He will eat it, a little here and there. But he will drink 12 oz of milk like no tomorrow. Its making him too loose. Any suggestions.

Milk I would not give it to the dog
by: Anonymous

Stop giving the pup milk. They don’t need it.

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