Feeding A Rescue Dog

by Chris Floyd

We just rescued an Aussie and now she is hardly eating at all (not a bite today). She did have some diarrhea when we first got her back. I would appreciate any suggestions about what are good brands to feed her if, indeed, she is being picky.

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by: Tom

Try Blue Buffalo and Blue Buffalo Canned Food, Mix the hard with a bit of the canned...... our two have been raised on it since puppies.

New Rescue
by: Kathy

Congratulations on your new rescue! Have you taken her to a vet? The diarrhea should probably be checked out, and may be a key to why she is not eating.

Good luck!


vet check first
by: jcrply

Has she been checked thoroughly by a veterinarian and treated for any parasites that she has? It's not unusual for a rescue dog to have digestive upsets for a while, including diarrhea, and/or loss of appetite. I like feeding lightly boiled chicken with broth for a few days and gradually add in the food that you want to be feeding the dog. Here is a website that ranks the commercial dog foods, with 5-star foods being the best. You can look at the rankings for dry foods, canned foods, and raw foods.

Feeding a Rescue Dog
by: Nancy

We give both our Aussies Taste of the Wild. It's very good for them with no fillers. Our vet recommended it. They love it. We do add either cooked or raw carrots as our Rudy has a huge appetite. No problems eating this dog food. It's a bit expensive but well worth it. No vitamins needed with it.

by: Anonymous

If you can't afford a real expensive dog food you could try Diamond Natural - comes in chicken or lamb. No wheat, no corn, no soy. Very good food for the price. My Aussie and Lab love it. I go through a bag (40 pounds) per month.

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