Female 1 Year Old Aussie Mix Showing Aggression

by Melanie

Hi! My problem is I adopted an Aussie mix female a year ago August. We have to other big dogs, who she gets along with. Our problem, whenever we get company or someone comes to the house for deliveries or like today, tree trimmers came to the house and she was outside and was running up to the man and she stopped and she was showing him her teeth. He would not come into the yard. The other dogs were fine with him. My husband was outside at the time also. Out of all the dogs, he worries most about her possibly biting someone.

Does anyone have any ideas about training her so we do not worry about her around other people or animals? She also likes to run off and run around the neighborhood when we go outside. We are always outside when the dogs are.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

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by: Anonymous

You said she was showing her teeth. Was she actually snarling at the people or was she doing the "Aussie Grin", which is actually a happy greeting. To those who have never seen it before, it might look like a snarl, but it is totally the opposite.

by: Patty

I have the same problem with my female aussie, 15 months old. When we take her for walks, she lunges and growls and tries to bite another person... I am worried she cannot be broken of this habit, and we may need to find another home. I do not want her around my grandchildren, or neighbors... I need some help with this problem too.. Thank you

by: Anonymous

I have the same problem with fear aggression with my mini aussie. We have anyone who is a stranger know to ignore him completely when he is barking and acting up (I hold him if he's acting up) Once he's calm, I release him to go and sniff the person. (If it's a child, I keep him on a leash as they make him the most nervous and I can correct him quickly). While he's sniffing, I call him to me, give him a treat and then give the "free" command. After a couple times of going back and forth, he's usually ready to just watch the person from a distance. later, I have the visitor toss him a treat after they tell him to sit or down. He's been showing improvement, but it's a slow process. I found out the biggest problem was the anxiety I was getting whenever someone came to the house...I know he was sensing it and thought he should protect me from the cause of my anxiety. Once I calmed down, he has too! He's only 35 lbs, so if I can't take the time to work with him, I just pick him up and hold him. Do a lot of recall to have him come in from outside too...that one is the hardest. Hope this helps. Like I said, it is slow going, but we're making progress.

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