Female Australian Shepherd Growling

by Kayleigh
(Stockton On Tees Cleveland)

Me and my partner have just recently got a 1 year old female Australian Shepherd, she has become very attatched to my partner and sometimes growls at me when I enter the room, she also does this when new people enter the home and when walking. It's like she is protecting my partner. When I walk her she is calm and walks by my side. If my partner walks her with me or alone she lunges at people and dogs n growls. We don't know why and don't know who to train her not to do this.

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she may think she is protecting your partner
by: Anonymous

She probably thinks she is protecting your partner, because your partner might be giving the dog signals that are viewed as a little lower in status in the pack.. perhaps your partner needs to establish or practice more dominance over the Aussie.. on and off the leash.. and you do to. Let her know that she is being protected by you. by default.

The reason why I say this, is because not only does she do it when you are around, but when other people approach.. and ONLY when your partner is around.

Never "cooo" an Aussie when they do things you do not want them to do.. never go "it's all right.. there there.." it rewards them... when they are shy and timid or aggressive..

instead you have to kind of lead them.

Instead you kind of have to get between the dog and the thing that it's barking at of and make sure it understands that you mean "NO" to it's behavior... and you have to do it the same every time... other wise they will get confused about it.

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