Female Or Male

by Kimmie

Is there a difference between male and female Aussies?

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by: Anonymous

The female does not have testicles or a penis. LOL No seriously the females that I have are much more laid back and not quite as hyper and are more cuddle bugs.

Re: Males vs Females
by: Anonymous

I have had 5 aussies 3 females and 2 males. In my experience, my females were more 'loyal' and lovey than my males. My males were much more independant than the girls. However, my girls were more high energy than my boys. I think like everything else it will vary from dog to dog.

Female or male
by: Anne Calmes

It all depends on the Lines/Pedigree. My males are more loving, laid back and more happy and willing to do what you want, but my females are more stubborn and their energy levels vary...depends on their breeding, and the purpose why the breeder bred these two particular dogs together.
Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

how their raised is the key
by: Anonymous

they vary i have a female who is energetic and cuddles a lot...shes running 2 worlds hyper at park, and sometimes at home very little cuddling at park and a lot of cuddling when we watch movies or time to sleep or when we wake up... according to people at the park some of theirs are cuddlers and some arnt and most have 2-3 aussies mixed boy and girl, its just how their raised thats all.. if they were given a lot of affection as really small puppies, they would probably be more likely to be cuddlers, if not they would probably like to do their own thing most of the time, play or have their own spot in the house to lay and be by them selfs or something...

Loving Dog
by: Anonymous

We have a 6 year old male Mini Aussie. He is a lover boy and goes almost every place we go. He has been on several trips with us in hotels and in a motor home. We got him at 8 weeks old (he picked us) The breeder said we better want him around all the time because he would demand it and she was right! He goes to work with us (we have a small business) and just about everywhere unless it is to cold or to hot to stay in the car. If he has to stay home he is OK with it but you better take him to the park when you get back! We could not have picked a better dog. The best dog we have ever had.

Female mini
by: Dack

I raised my female mini blue Merle since I got her at 8 weeks. She was the most loving, loyal, obedient dog I've had. My previous dogs were Siberian Husky, Puli, Cockapoo and Border Collie. The Mini Aussie, Kori was just a joy to be around. Everyone loved her. She followed me everywhere. Cuddled all the time and loved to go on long walks. She even did her business on command when I let her out in the middle of the night and felt like she was taking too long, I would say "go potty' and she would know it was time to do the thing and come back inside. I can't speak for males but my kori was the perfect dog.

I’ve had both....
by: Anonymous

In my experience, my boy was super loving and wanted to please. He’d fetch each and every time, bringing the frisbee or ball back and placing it directly in my hand, or dropping the soccer ball at my feet. Very food motivated and would loudly paw his bowl when he needed water or wanted food. He’d come to me 15 mins before feeding time and stare intently. He was bold and overly protective, didn’t get on too well with strangers or strange dogs. We added an 8-week-old female puppy to the mix (when he was 7). He corrected her and there were some power struggles. As she grew bigger she displayed her alpha female qualities. She was a naughtier puppy than he was but finally hit her stride. She is even more loving and affection seeking. We thought he was the king but she is attached to us at the hip and lays on and between our legs constantly. Sadly, we lost our boy to hemangiosarcoma cancer a few months ago, and it has been a blessing to have her. I say either sex is amazing. She is more cuddly than him, but more self-centered and not as willing to please me as my boy. Sometimes she brings the frisbee back, other times she drops it and stares at me from across the yard. Boys are all about you and girls tend to be more about themselves, but I love that she is friendly with all people that come over and submissive around strange dogs. I’m very glad I have a loving female. My vote is for getting one of each. 😉

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