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Finbar Lives Up To His Name

by Jace
(Chelsea, Oklahoma, USA)



Finbar, the Blue Merle Aussie, was given to me when he was about eight weeks old. I named him Finbar after St. Finbar of Ireland. He was the worst puppy that I have ever experienced in my life. He bit heels and ripped and tore up the house and did not like my fiance. I was engaged to a man who seemed very nice and kind, but Fin seemed to not trust this person. The mistrust grew into growling and extreme barking over the year. My fiance said, "I am really scared that Fin will hurt you because he is a bad dog". He stomped out of the house when I laughed at the thought of Fin hurting me. When he returned from his fit throwing stomp out he knocked me down on the concrete porch. As he was lunging toward me again I opened the front door. Fin leaped through the air like "Super Dog" and bulldogged the 6'5" 225 lb X-fiance to the ground.

I recently drove across the USA from west coast to east coast via the southern route through Arizona. My worries about Fin making the trip without problems was escalated, and nothing was normal about the weather on this trip. I was feeling weak and tired by 4:00 PM as I pulled into Pocatello, Idaho. I must have passed out because Fin got out of the car without me knowing that he was gone. Suddenly there was a man pouring liquid on my face and saying "drink this". I was gasping for breath and looking for my dog. Fin was standing by a man and a big Harley motorcycle. The man said, "You are going to be fine thanks to this fine gentleman dog here". He explained to me that Fin came over to him while he was waiting for his wife in a grocery store across the street. The man, Dan, said, I always wanted a dog like this, but he seemed to want me to follow him". He and his wife, Shelley, followed Fin back to my car and found me passed out from dehydration. I had been so worried about Fin surviving the long tip that I neglected to take a drink of water for past two days. The Harley travellers said that I should follow them to a motel nearby because extreme storms were moving through the eastern part of Idaho. These two wonderful people with Fin probably saved my life.

An elderly Indian man in Arizona called Fin "spirit dog" and told me the legend behind the name. He said, "If any person looks into the two blue eyes of the blue dog and is afraid; do not trust that person because it is an evil one with something to hide". My dog, Fin and the good people across the USA are truely God's blessing.

The morning we drove into Amarillo, Texas the sky lit up with colors just as a George Strait song called "Amarillo by Morning" came on the radio. A few miles out of Amarillo is town called Groom with a white cross illuminates the morning light for miles. There are many more blessings ahead.

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Comments for Finbar Lives Up To His Name

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THEY know
by: Debra

Loved your story! My BF and I started dating in '03 and the first few dates or semi dates we either met at m/c (motorcycle) dinners/rides (we both ride GoldWings) and the couple of times he came to the house I was ready to go so he didn't really meet my gang..2 Aussies and a collie mix. As we got closer to really dating and were talking about our lives I told him he had a test to pass. He sort of laughed and had no idea what I was talking about so I explained that the "kids" had to be ok with him or it wasn't gonna work. He's teased me through the years that I'd believe how the dogs reacted rather than how I felt. Needless to say those kids are angels now but there's a new set..2 standards/m,f, 6 yr, siblings and a rescued mini tri f/3yr and he has seen many times through the years how "THEY know" about people. My kids have their own sidecar and ride several times a month/attend m/c events and have made several long trips. They all started riding when they were 7 wks old so if the sidecar leaves the house they think they're suppose to be in it!

by: Anne

What a great Inspirational Story. What a GREAT dog
Fin is. You are very blessed to have him in your life.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Re: Fin
by: Kym

I loved your story! I too had a male blue merle aussie that was the exact same way! He too knew when to trust people and when not to. He saved me from many a bad people and situations. And if it wasnt for him I probably wouldnt be here today (literally). I learned to trust his instincts. He was always right!
My children got also got the luck to have experienced this wonderful dog for several years before I lovingly had him put to sleep at the great age of 17 years, due to a stroke.
Thank you for sharing your great story. And I wish you many good years to come.

by: Nonnie

I love your story!!! You have a very special companion in Fin. We have two female Aussies, one blue-eyed, blue merle mini and one brown-eyed, black tri toy. They are the most intelligent dogs I have ever seen.

The blue merle, Bailee, is particularly picky about people that she likes and doesn't like. Maggie is also, but Bailee makes more decisions about people. Maggie just follows her lead. There are just certain people she doesn't like. I have no explanation. She can see one person in PetSmart and it will be fine, then a few more people go by and she is ok, but then one person will come by and she lunges, growls and barks, goes crazy.

Looking forward to seeing other posts about Finbar.

great story
by: Anonymous

wow what an awesome story. thank you for sharing it. It gives us hope, those of us who have Aussie that aren't exactly "the best" behaved. I have a Toy Aussie (after my standard boy died)and although he is a sweet heart, he has ruined my furniture from tables to sofa and more. but I love him so.

Thank God you kept him, he obviously is very connected to you, and feels he must be your protector (I'm sure he senses, you love him so).

I wish you the best, and much blessings.

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