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First Heat Cycle

by Justin

Okay, I’m in college and bought my first dog (first that’s officially mine and not my family's). She is a black tri named Annie. She is 9 almost 10 months and I believe has just hit her first Heat Cycle.

I bathed and later gave her a flea treatment early today. This evening while laying in bed, my girlfriend commented on how strong the flea med smelled and I had noticed it as well.

Annie and I were playing and she was sitting on my white pillow. I noticed a wet reddish spot on it. My gf then noticed another reddish spot on the side of my bed. I’m assuming the smell is not the flea med but her discharge.

I’m getting her dog diapers tomorrow so I won’t have to keep her crated at night (she sleeps in my bed every night).

My question is when can she officially get pregnant, how long will the discharge last, and of course, any tips are welcome.

My family has always had males so I have no experience with a girl. Also, I have no desire to breed her, and over Christmas break, when my school semester ends and I can spend a week laying around with her, I’ll be taking her to the vet to get fixed. Just waiting until I have time to stay with her while she recovers.

Comments for First Heat Cycle

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by: Anonymous

Most heat cycles only last 1-3 weeks. Heat cycles depend on the dog for when they are ready to breed. The blood will turn from dark red to a lite pink to nothing. Just lift up her tail and look at her vulva you should see it is swollen and warm and soft to the touch. Once she is done with her heat cycle it will return to normal.

Also I would wait till she is 2 years to get her spayed. Look online about spaying females too early and the problems that it can make. My own girl I did not spay till she was all most 3.

Second Question
by: Justin

One final question, is any cleaning necessary? Noticed some blood on her doggy diaper. Obviously don’t want infection and she can’t really clean herself with a diaper on. Should I leave it off some to let her clean herself, or should I clean it? I’m not one to get grossed out or anything, so I can certainly clean her if that’s something I need to do.

Spayed at 9 months
by: Anonymous

Our mini Aussie pup went into heat after about 9 months, but the vet had no problem with getting her spayed. She gets her stitches out today after a problem-free recovery! Good luck!

Help, w heat cycle info
by: Constance

My 9 mo old blue Merle went into heat. Can I take her out to walk and to the dog park or do I keep her in? My vet recommended, that I let her go thru a heat cycle before spaying, citing research. Went do they ovulate during this time and are most at risk?
I don’t want an accidental pregnancy!! Help, any advice, she’s very active and athletic; keeping at home will be so difficult!

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