First Time Aussie Owner

by Patricia
(San Rafael, CA)

We got a Mini Aussie puppy who is now 14 weeks old. We are crazy about her and she feels the same. Her name is Grace and she is cute as a button. I am just wondering if anyone has run into some of the problems we are having. From the beginning she would chew on rocks, after we spent days clearing an area for her she would then dig to get to more rocks. Our vet is very alarmed by this and said dogs die and get their bowels obstructed with this problem. We had to fence her out of the yard and only allow her on our deck. We are having a special runway built so she can potty but not have access to rocks and digging.

Friday she finally had all her shots and can go on walks. Nope she is terrified of noises, people, other animals etc. we can't get her any further than across our street. All in all in one week we have attempted at least 14 walks. We are trying socialization with friends coming into our home. At first she ran and hid and wet herself under a chair now she barks and won't stop. It is so uncomfortable.

We are working with a trainer who comes to our home. She said not to force her. She starts Sirius Puppy Training 5/2 and I am praying they can help us. I am also afraid they may see this non stop barking behavior and ask us to not return.

Misery loves company I know but it would be wonderful to believe she is going to grow out of a lot of this. Any hope would be great.

Thanks, Patricia

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