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First Time Dog Owner Interested In Australian Shepherd

I’m a 25-year-old, who lives in the Bay Area, looking to become a first-time dog owner sometime in the near future. The past year or so I’ve done extensive research on finding the right dog to build a strong relationship with. Australian Shepherds have drawn my attention due to their high level for exercise, intelligence, and trainability.

The only problem is that I live in an apartment and work in the city usually 8-9 hours a day. I’m not exactly sure as to where I will be from a professional standpoint down the road as I’m currently looking to transition jobs. So it’s uncertain if my next job will have a dog-friendly office or allow pets.

I’ve heavily considered using dog walking/daycare services or asking family/friends to help walk them during the day. Overall I was interested in asking the community if managing an Aussie would be possible under these circumstances. Obviously not the most ideal situation but the main goal would be to give them the adequate time and environment they could thrive in.


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Might be awesome or might be tough
by: Valerie Leonard

You live in an apartment and work a lot.

Willing to get up early before work and go for a 10-mile run? Or maybe you will have a calmer Aussie who doesn’t need that much exercise. Or you do a dog walker or doggy daycare.

Willing to work with a dog that barks at every noise it hears? Might be an issue, might not.

It will depend on you and how much time, effort and maybe money you are willing to put in. It will also depend on the Aussie some too.

For me, mine's not all that active really. 30 minutes a day and some playtime before bed and she’s good. She goes to work with me but honestly doesn’t care much if she gets left at home. She’s not a ‘Velcro dog’. An apartment would be tough though. She is very alert with stranger danger. Though I’m sure if we lived in an apartment we could work on not barking more.

Just because you work and live in an apartment doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be great for you and your Aussie. It will mean devoting time and energy before and after work though. And maybe paying someone else while at work.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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