Flea And Tick Protection For Australian Shepherds

I have a 4 month old Aussie. Really enjoying spending time outdoors with her. Today I noticed a tick on her belly.

I was wondering what everybody uses on their Aussie for protection from flea and ticks.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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fleas and ticks
by: jcrply

I use a variety of things, none of which are toxic. I sometimes use an herbal spray called "Dr. Mercola Natural Flea and Tick Defense". I will occasionally spray some of that on her belly and legs before a walk, especially if we're going to a preserve where there may be ticks. I also make some repellents of my own. One is just simmering a big handful of rosemary in water, then cool and strain. Spray or wipe this liberally all over. Other times I use apple cider vinegar (half and half with water). This also can be used liberally. Diluted neem oil is another substance that can be added. Diatomaceous Earth (be sure to use only the food grade -NOT the pool kind) can be used in the home and on the dog. For my yard I applied the variety of beneficial nematode called Steinernema carpocapsae. These are parasitic to fleas and also to fire ants (I used to have fire ants in my yard and the nematodes were the only thing that worked.)
I also use a flea comb.
If you do have fleas and nothing else works, CAPGUARD (nitenpyram) is probably the least harmful chemical. It is a small pill that the dog ingests, and it kills the fleas quickly but works for just one day.


We have been using FRONTLINE on our four year old... WalMart sells the same material ingredients under the name PETARMOUR at a WalMart price
We also used this material for years with our previous dog who we had for over sixteen years

by: Jessica

I use the Seresto flea and tick collar for my Aussie and cat. My Aussie is a water dog and the great thing is the collar is waterproof and last up to 8 months. Seriously the best flea and tick prevention I've ever used.

by: Anonymous

Seresto flea collar created neurological problems with my Aussie. He could not walk, but rebounded after taking the collar off and vigorously washing him. Beware.

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