Focus Problems

by Michelle

My Blue Merle Aussie is about one year and two months old. He listens VERY well and is VERY smart. The only problem I've recently come across is that he focuses on the treat and NOT me. I want to get him involved with agility and this seems like a huge problem. HELP!

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Focus Problems
by: Anne

Hi ,
I teach and have trialed in Obedience. You want him focused on the treat right. While you are in the training process let the food be the motivator. Until your dog learns without a doubt the commands...use the food. It will get in their long term memory. Your dog may also just be real intense meaning. Your Aussie's focus will be more on the treat. Believe me once you start agility, your aussie will have a great time and not focus on the treat so much.
I would gladly have a dog that focused on a treat. They are easier to train.
Good luck.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

same deal here
by: Anonymous

Don't have a solution for you. my boy does the same thing, I'm thinking they are a little on the hyper side? Mine is turning one next month, I am hopeful though, in time.If you get a good answer and results let me know.

Unfocused too!
by: Anonymous

Our 11 month old blue merle male aussie seems to lack focus too. He has completed basic and intermediate obedience and is almost done with the advanced class. He is very focused the first few times we work on a command but will become bored and lose focus easily. As a high energy dog we think he is just ready to move onto something else. He learns the command quickly and doesn't feel the need to keep repeating it while everyone else is working on it. Then there are plenty of other things going on to distract him. As a herder he is drawn to the movement. We just look at it as he is still young and with maturity/training he will learn to ignore the distractions and focus more.

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