Food Focussed Australian Shepherd

by Angela
(St Catharines, Ontario)

My six month old boy is extremely food focussed. He acts like he is starving all the time, always eager for a treat - or any crumb. Don't recall this with my first boy 20 yrs ago. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!

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by: Anonymous

I have two. One male 10 and one female 11. The male loves to eat but it does not seem to be an issue? The female does not make a big deal out of eating?

by: Anonymous

Honestly I'd take advantage of that and use it to help obedience train him.

by: Anonymous

I have an 8 month old and all you have to do is say the word eat and he comes running! As a small pup he was food aggressive but I worked with him and it's not an issue any more. He also used to inhale his food in 5 seconds... I had to buy him a special bowl to slow him down. Eating is his 2nd favorite thing to do behind playing!

Food focussed Australian shepherd
by: Anonymous

Hi! Reyna has 16 years old and always had been food focussed dog. The only think I do is respect very much her time for meals, and the amount the doctor told me to feed her, but she is always ready for more. I know I can not give to you any solution, am sorry, but I want you to know you are not the only one, as I was thinking time ago, and also that ether the doctor couldn't give to me any solution ever. Actually I have to be very careful when I go to walk her in the street, is very hard. I love Australian shepherds and I don't change it for no one else. They are the best!!!!! Good luck!!

I agree with prior post
by: Tsi

Our 2 year old Tri-red is more food driven than praise driven. We, too, got the special bowl to slow her down when eating. Our most successful training has been done with small treats. I am happy to say, she has slowed down her eating and now, at 2, she actually leaves food in the bowl until she's ready to eat!
Hang in there, and stay firm in your use of food for training and feeding only.
Good Luck!🐶

food focus
by: Anonymous

its part of the breed. not a problem, they have high energy, fast metabolism.

by: Tom

I also have two. One male Max 12 and one female Gabby 10.

The male Max also loves to eat, when it is time for chow he is ready, loves his treats and will if there are any crumbs no matter how small he will lick the floor or rug until he gets every morsel left behind.

The female does not eat in the mornings, will bury her food if she can find anything to cover it, at night that is a different story, she will put her head in my lap or on my knee and stare at me... as if to say it is that time and then Max will sit next to her and I have the two of them staring at me... time to eat Dad lets get going.

Treat begging
by: Anonymous

Tigg is pretty normal at mealtimes - I do make him back up before he gets his dish so that he has "worked" for it. What really bothers me though is his shameless begging for treats from other people, even strangers! And of course, being so cute, he gets them!

Food Focused
by: Jean

My guy is so focused on food that I had to stop treat based training. He would just start running through all his tricks (sit, down, rollover, play dead, speak etc.) to get the treat 😀. The one good thing is that if I say the word "treat", he will stop whatever he is doing and come to me. We had to switch to play based training and it has worked well.

Treat begging
by: Anonymous

Good point Jean, I have been treat training with the idea to switch it out to just praise most of the time. At times when he was really small it was the best way to capture his attention. He does lose his brain when the treats come out, so it is time to change tack.

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