Food For 4 Month Old Puppy

My puppy is 4 months old, should I stop feeding him puppy food?

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by: Anonymous

Puppies need puppy food all the time they are growing which means at least until they are 1 yr old.

puppy food
by: Richard

We fed all three of our Aussie Iam's Puppy food until their first birthday. It was really had by the time we got our third, the oldest just loved the puppy food. We had to stand watch and make sure Jack did't get into Ozzie's bowl. Jack is a litlle overweight at 84lbs, is is abig framed fribee and ball dog. Ozzie just turned 1 and is 67lbs, like his brother big except taller. They have the same dad. Our girl Zoey, is 55lbs and 5 years. Jack is going on 7.
We fed them three times a day until 1 year.

by: Debbie

No continue feeding puppy food until there are one year of age. mine got tired of puppy food so i mix it with regular food. But she is still getting all the vit and min that she needs and thats why the puppy food is needed for the first year. check with your vet.

Re: puppy food
by: Anonymous

Yes, you should feed your puppy a GOOD quality puppy food until he/she is about 1 year of age.

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