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For The Love Of My Sheela

by Laura
(San Diego, California)

Sheela's last day

Sheela's last day

Oh how I miss you Sheela. You were my girl. For me there has never been a smarter or more devoted pet. From the very first day, picking you up in Victorville, until the last when out of love you had to leave me. I want to believe you are with God and have no more pain or suffering. And you get to play frisbee all day long. You were so smart and its like you could read everyone's mind and understood everything anyone said or did. I still see you in every Aussie I meet. Some day I may get another, but no one can compare to you my sweet Sheela.

Sheela was 12 when she had to be put to sleep with congested heart failure. I couldn't watch her suffer anymore. It has been 4 years and I am still so very sad.
I hope to see her again one day.

Still Loving her,


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May 02, 2012
I understand
by: Teresa

I lost my dog riley almost three years ago and some days I still shed a tear. that special bond will never fully break. I have a new girl now here name is shilo. she has helped me heal in so many ways. I truly recommend you get another aussie. you will be amazed how they change your sadness. good luck and they are waiting for us to cross the rainbow bridge.

May 02, 2012
Your Sheela
by: Wendy

What a pretty girl your Sheela was. I know your pain all to well...You should get another Aussie. You see part's of Sheela in other Aussies because of the breed. You call her Sweet because they are very sweet loving dog's. My sweet Tansy was 6.5 years old when I put her down. She was suffering with Leukemia and I could not save her. Even her last day she wanted her me to throw her frisbee. I got an aussie puppy with-in a few months and she turned my sadness to joy. Although she is not the high enegry frisbee dog, she is as smart and I love her just as much. I still feel sad when I think of Tansy but the empty hole in my life is once again full.

May 02, 2012
by: Marsha

There are many of us "Aussie Lovers" that feel and understand the pain that you are feeling. Two years ago we lost our precious Pepper and one month later her sister, Roxie. Roxie missed her sister so much she refused to do any of the things she used to enjoy with Pepper. You never stop missing them and they always remain in your heart. When the time is right you'll find yourself wanting the special feeling you feel with the love of another dog to help ease that pain. Like us, it might just be another Aussie!

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