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Former Cat Person Now Aussie Mom

by Lara

Mitzi at age 14 weeks

Mitzi at age 14 weeks

About a year ago I decided I wanted to get a puppy. I have been watching Westminister dog shows for years, and I had determined through being around other peoples dogs that I wanted a nice mid-sized, intelligent dog.

Last November I was going to Petsmart to get some food for my adopted Lab, and the pound was there with some puppies. One of them caught my eye - a black tri Aussie with bright blue eyes. I was about to go on vacation, so I knew it was not time for a pup - but that's what got me going down the Aussie path. I began researching the breed specifically, and decided it was the one for me.

I found the closest reputable breeder, about five hours away, and started emailing with her. In January, she came down for a dog show nearby, and I got to meet her, as well as some of her dogs. They were wonderful! I was hooked! I made a deposit, and waiting anxiously for the day I could be an Aussie mom.

In February I learned my litter was on the way, and I was so excited! The mom is a beautiful blue merle, and the dad was a red tri was a test tube puppy litter, with the sire deceased. Wow, high tech news for this new puppy mommy!

April 25, 2011 my puppy came into the world. I got news of the litter within 12 hours, and saw pic's of the new pups within 24 hours. Soon the breeder had a web cam set up, and for the first three weeks, I watched in awe as the puppies grew and changed. I soon had a favorite - a little red tri with a dot on her head.

When the puppies were five weeks old, I drove the five hours to go see them, and (hopefully) pick my puppy out. I spent a couple of hours in puppy heaven, petting and cuddling and playing with the eight puppies. The puppy with the dot came right to me, and sat in my lap. She would leave and come back again - she definitely spent more time with me than the other pups. Now I was hooked for sure! The breeder could see that we were attached to each other, and I was told that I could tentatively have her. It depended on how the other pups turned out, as she was keeping some. The suspense killed me!

In the mean time, I named my little girl "Mitzi" - I got to give her the AKC name as well! She is named after Mitzi Gaynor of "South Pacific" fame, cute and sassy and spunky!

When Mitzi was just under eight weeks old, on June 22, I drove back up to the breeders and picked her up. Oh, happy day! It's been an adventure ever since!

I am constantly amazed at the unconditional love my little Mitzi gives me - I never had a dog growing up, and we got our Lab as a rescue a couple of years ago. Mitzi is so smart, and sassy, and totally devoted to me! We have gone through puppy training together, and I look forward to showing her soon... conformation is going very well, even at her young age!

I can't imagine life without her - she is a joy!

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Comments for Former Cat Person Now Aussie Mom

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by: Anonymous

Awe, I love the pictures, Love your story, and love the name. Welcome to the family of Aussies. That's pretty much how we got our Luke. A friend of ours had puppies, and we went to visit, and out ran these beautiful puppies. I laid on the floor and played with them, there I fell in love with the little guy who snuggled up to me. my husband said no way, to another dog, but he secretly paid them for the pup, and gave him to me for my birthday; we had a wonderful 5 years together. My boy, passed last sept., The hole he left in our hearts was so great that we went and got ourselves another Aussie boy. This time we got a toy one, in hopes he and our daughters Chi would be best buds. It hasn't quite gone so well, but I'm hopeful. Our Aussie boy is so sweet, and wonderful, but the chi is very dominant and possessive.
keep us posted with your little beautiful girl.

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