Four Month Old Australian Shepherd Teething

by Cortney

My Aussie is 4 months old and teething. We can not get him to stop "biting" us. We tried the Yelp technique, toy distraction, walking away, ending play time, etc. Nothing is working. He actively tries to get our hands or arms.

What should I do? He's not aggressive just teething it out on us.

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Teething puppy
by: Anonymous

I would recommend the Kong Puppy bones. You are able to stuff soft treats into each end of the treat and it will literally keep them occupied for hours. I’ve used it in the same situation and the material is very soothing to their little gums!

Coconut oil!
by: Anonymous

I've had success with this...
Give a teething puppy lots of different things to chew on, I mean a really wide variety of things, get used to these things laying all over your house for a few months. You can even teach them to put their chew toys in a toy box if you want to.
As for chewing on you, coconut oil should do the trick, just run it into your hands and arms, dogs love coconut oil, and your puppies habit of chewing on you will turn to licking you! A much nicer alternative!

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