Frontline Alternatives?

Anyone know of a dependable flea and tick products aside from Frontline? I use this routinely and was just informed in November that my Aussie (1 year old) has Lymes disease. I guess I was under the impression that if this was given to the dog monthly they could not catch Lymes Disease.

It has been 2 months and I can see some progress but the cold is hard on his joints and this is hard to see for such a young dog. He was completely lame with a fever for 2 days until his meds kicked in.

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by: Neil

I prefer Revolution. It does all the same things plus more. A little more expensive and must be purchased from a Vet.

Another alternative
by: Anonymous

We use K9Advantix II (2), which we get from our vet.

Heartworm and Flea medication
by: Anonymous

We use Trifexis. It is a oral preventative. Cheaper than buying our original Inteceptor and Comfortis. We love it.

Note from Anton: Other people's dogs have had severe symptoms after taking Trifexis. Here's the link to the page about Trifexis.

Tick prevention
by: Anonymous

Our vet recommended "Preventic" It is suppose to prevent the tick from biting the dog in the first place. Therefore it can't give them any diseases.

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