Full Blood Australian Shepherd?

by Cheyenne



I have never had an Aussie before, but I may be adopting one. He is 8 months old. The vet wasn't very clear when I asked if he was full blooded Aussie. I wanted to get opinions from those who love them most! He is a rescue dog and was abused as a smaller pup, so I thought that was why he is smaller. He is all black except for white/gray specks on his chest. I tried to google images, but I couldn't find one that was similar. My friends mom is convinced he's mixed with pit bull, but she's crazy.. I think. Sorry the picture isn't very clear- he's hyper (but doesn't like it outside).

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by: jcrply

Can you post some more photos from different positions? Has the pup had a hair cut?

Could be...
by: Dan V.

At 8 months he could be in that goofy phase where they have an adult body but their adult coat isn't finished coming in yet. Their hair is too short, legs and ears too long.

As far as color, we have a purebred aussie that is almost 100% black with just a few white hairs on her chest. It is called it a self-black I believe, but technically still a black bi.

by: Anonymous

I also have an Aussie and she is also a rescue dog and its true thy do have short ears and very obedient and thy very close to females not so much males. and very good dogs but layla is about 13 yrs old, we have had here a long time. I don't now about your but ours is very temperamental, and will never eat out of a bowl

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