Full Blooded Aussie? Constant "Dribbling"

by Wanda Allen
(Gulfport, MS )

Playing with his favorite toy, deflated football

Playing with his favorite toy, deflated football

My 8 month old male Aussie constantly dribbles everywhere and he pees on himself while sleeping. He goes outside to pee regularly but seems to take forever when he does, is this normal?

I also wanted to ask what is the average size for a 9 month old male because Johnny Reb is 62lbs at 8 1/2 months old! Looking at the size of his feet it seems he still has more growing to do.

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by: Anonymous

I would have him evaluated for a urinary tract infection by your veterinarian. That might cause him to urinate frequently. Also a UTI might make him feel like he still has to "go" after he already has emptied his bladder and it also could cause the dribbling, too.

hope this helps
by: Anonymous

Sorry to have to say this but I think he looks mixed, maybe with St. Bernard. I see his paws, they are huge; the dribbling also could be a clue. in regards to peeing on himself at night, he may have a urinary tract infection. I would have him checked for health and pedigree.
hope it all works out for both of you. he looks like a sweetie, nonetheless.

Big auzzies
by: Anonymous

We had an Auzzie that was large, his dad was and all the siblings were big as well, he maxed out at 85 pounds, you need to take him to your vet get him checked out

In answer to your "Full Blooded" question
by: Anonymous

I see the side shot to show the outline of your dog's head. I've never seen an Aussie with a blockhead, with saggy dewlap and short thick muzzle. I have to say that I don't believe that he's a purebred Aussie.
I think he's mixed maybe with Great Pyrenees or something else that gave him that "Mastiff" like appearance. My Aussie is 9 months and he weighs about 27-28 pounds. He's NOT a mini Aussie. He's a standard size that's thin and lean, long legs, moves fast, and thin narrow muzzle. No saggy dewlaps. I understand that there are slight variance in Aussies such as size, length of coat, height/weight, how their ears set, etc. However, they've all fit a standard having a somewhat long/narrow pokey nose and no saggy dewlaps.
If I could post a sideview of him here, I would. It seems this place is restricted to post any picts.
He looks like he has the head of a Clumber Spaniel. Google it for images and compare the sideview shape of their heads with yours.
The short muzzle and saggy dewlap and blockhead isn't fitting for a "purebred" Aussie at all.

Get him checked
by: J

As others have mentioned...have your Vet check him out ASAP. A Urinary Tract Infection sounds likely, and getting it resolved now will lead to a happier & healthier Aussie! And the peace of mind you did the right thing too :)

Our Aussie was 55lbs by the time he was 7 months old. He peaked at about 60-62lbs & is now 3 years old.

PS - Your boy is beautiful!!!

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