Full Coat for Australian Shepherds?

by Melissa Nash
(Waverly, MN)

Hello, I have an almost year old blue merle Aussie. At what point do they typically start to develop their long, thick adult coat? My brother's Aussie had a full coat by one year.

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Your Aussie is sooo cute. Very much still a puppy. I have an almost 1 year old, too, and she still has her puppy coat, although it is very thick with a dense undercoat. Different lines mature at different times and your baby might not have a mature coat until he is 2 or 3.

aussie coat
by: Anne Calmes

Do you live in a warm area? Did the parents have
long coats? It depends on what kind of coat the
dog inherited from its parents.
Your aussie may also be a slow physically maturing dog. This also would be inherited.
Does this help. E-mail me if you need further explanation.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

by: Anonymous

Does anyone know the best brush for undercoat removal? I have a furminator but I need something with longer teeth. I had a pin brush but it broke... is there something better?

by: Melissa

Well her dad was a very handsome blue merle with the most gorgeous long thick show coat. The mother was also a blue merle (I know, not good) with an average coat.

Also, wondering if aussies tails can be docked when they are full grown. I love her tail and wouldn't care otherwise but she has come into this habit of chewing the fur off her tail and it has now gotten close to her actually chewing her tail. This only happens when I am not there to watch her. (Not very often because she goes to work with me.) She certainly gets enough exercise and mental stimulation. How do I stop this behavior without docking. What are the risks with docking an adult dog?

by: Anonymous

DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT dock your dog's tail. It is only acceptable to the the tail if it is a newborn puppy, and it must be done within the first few days of birth since at that time they wont feel the pain. As an adult the pain would be extremely bad, and even if numbed, the event would be traumatizing.

Biting at tail
by: Anonymous

Your dog is likely biting at its tail due to fleas or a food sensitivity. Rule out fleas by having your pet on a monthly flea prevention for at least 3 months (life cycle of flea), and stay away from corn and chicken in their diet (look closely at ingredients). An Aussie coat is far too gorgeous to be patchy. :)

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