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Gettin A 3 Year Old Australian Shepherd To Accept A New 4 Month Old Aussie

I have a 3 year old Australian Shepherd who is stuck on me and sleeps on my bed and has to be with me every second.

I am considering getting another Aussie pup that is 4 months old. Will my dog accept it?

Also, the 4 month old has lived outside in a pen so I'm wondering about potty training? HELP

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4 month old Aussie, with older Aussie
by: James

Aussie's will be accepting of their breed usually . hmmm likely there will be a 'potty' adjustment from living in a pen to house - HOWEVER Aussies catch on quick … as you know they are smart !

Go for it ! Let me know how they make out.


GF Aussie is very attached too
by: Anonymous

My GF female Aussie is very attached to her too and is about the same age. I have a a Aussie that is the same age as her and when we first met, her dog was wary of mine and would herd/nip my dog away from my GF. We’ve been together almost a year and while her dog does like my dog, she still herds/nips my dog away from GF and even myself if she wants the attention over my Aussie or wants to control my aussies movements.

My GF mother brought her 6 MO Aussie pup at the time over awhile back and my GF dog was not accepting to her and bit the pup strong enough to break skin.

The difference between my dog and her mothers is mine is much more laid back to where the pup is more energetic, to which my GF female Aussie does not like. She needs to control all movement and with the pup wanting to play and run around the whole time, she snapped.

Hope it all works out if you get the pup!

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