Getting Another Aussie When Current Aussie Is Very Submissive

by Girlie

My tri red Aussie male "Mouse" is 2 and he is very sweet and mellow and an all around good dog, but he is the most submissive dog I've ever met! When we got him they told us that his brothers and sisters kind of pushed him around a little, and it showed. First of all, he would not eat when someone's around even if we put the food right in front of him. I finally realized I could get him to eat if I EAT FIRST a little way off from where he is and even then he will stop eating immediately if I so much as look at him.

He submissive pees when another dog enters the house and with people he especially likes including my boyfriend. He also is on his belly a lot with other dogs at the park and obsessively licks the lips of larger dogs. I worked with him a lot and took him to obedience classes and his confidence has improved significantly since we got him. I would say he is not a fearful dog (any more, that is) as he loves almost all people and animals but he goes to great lengths to show others they are boss.

I've been considering getting another Aussie in the future as I have the space and time to commit to another dog but I'm worried about how Mouse might be with a new puppy. I really don't want the other dog to push Mouse around all the time as from my experience with Mouse and more aggressive dogs he will be submissive but still try to tease them to play with him resulting in the other dog being on edge all the time. Should I not get another dog? Should I look for a more laid back pup? Would a male or female dog be better? Advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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