Giardia Exposure

by Judy

I may have just exposed my 6 month old Aussie to Giardia. I took her for the first time to a dog park. It had large swampy areas and large areas of standing water (Florida, rainy season). The dogs spent a lot of time playing in that water. After I returned home I was reading about dog parks and came across many references to the danger of picking up giardia, particularly in standing water. So now I feel horrible about potentially exposing her to that. Any ideas from anyone for preventative measures in case she has ingested giardia? I have just read about giving digestive enzymes as a treatment. It sounds like a safe thing to do.

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keep a watch
by: Anonymous

well, instead of worrying about it, you can take your dog to the vet where they can check for parasites, or you can watch and see if your dog develops any of the symptoms, such as diarrhea and or vomiting, weight loss.
I can understand if you rather not wait,so I would just take him to to the vet and have them check him.
I hope and pray that he doesn't have it, and doesn't develop it at all; Its good that you are aware of many possible problems that can arise.
We've always kept our dogs on our property, and on a leash if we go outside of it. we keep our eyes open, always watching for ants, ticks, etc. on the ground. We have come close to getting too close to toads, frogs, and snakes, especially at night, so we always carry a flashlight. we live in Florida too.

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