by Paul
(Clermont, Fl, USA)

My Aussie is about three, a Tri-Black. She has recently began gnawing at her paws mostly in between her nails to the point they are bloody looking. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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by: Jean

It sounds like some kind of allergy to me. Did you change anything recently like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, floor cleaner? Did you change anything in the dogs diet? I would get your dog to a vet...the poor thing must be very uncomfortable!

by: jcrply

Hmmmm... there are all sorts of possibilities: boredom, allergies, walking in something irritating. I live in Florida too. I avoid letting my dog walk in any "perfect" yards, where I know the grass has been sprayed with chemicals. And when we get back from a walk that was either on city streets or country trails, I stop by the hose and we "rinse paws". She has become accustomed to this. Apple cider vinegar on the paws will help to heal them and maybe discourage chewing. If she is itching and scratching in other places also, consider allergies. Eliminate grains from her diet. Choose grain-free dog food.

by: gayle--big run aussies

Go see your vet!!!! She probably has allergies. It's been a really bad year for them.

by: Anonymous

My aussie does not do this but my sister's Airdale does. She is on Benedryl. It is seasonal. Allergic to something in the environment.

by: Anonymous

If benedryl is safe for allergies in dogs what would be dosage for 20 pound dog?

Benedryl for dogs
by: Dorothy

For a 20 lb dog the dosage is 10 mg (30 lbs or less). Never use Benedryl liquid (has alcohol in it), use the pill form. Taken from the Internet. I use Benedryl when my dogs get stung by bees... works to get the swelling down in the face. They always get stung in the face.

licking feet
by: Karen

Our 11 month old black-tri, Bing, began licking his feet non-stop. He had red spots on top of his feet and red in between toes. I took him to our vet who said it was allergies. He gave Bing a shot and some pills which helped but the redness came back a week later. I walk Bing twice a day and wipe off his feet when we get home. My husband read on-line about using Medicated Gold Bond powder for Bing's feet. It has helped a lot because he won't lick the powder and the redness has turned to a light pink. I believe it is from walking him in grass, leaves, etc. and high pollen count this year. The powder gives Bing a lot of relief, I believe. And he is use to the daily routine now.

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