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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Go Get Help!

by Tonia
(Sylvania, OH)

Kahlua on her 1st Birthday.

Kahlua on her 1st Birthday.

One late night I was using the restroom and, as usual, our 10 month old tri-red, Kahlua, followed me in the room. I happened to glance in the corner of the bathroom where I saw a spider! Not being particularly fond of spiders and hoping she wouldn't try to eat it, I called for my husband to save us.

Kahlua immediately went on alert when I raised my voice. Unfortunately, my husband was in another room listening to music. I called to him again... no luck. So, I jokingly said to Kahlua, "Go get help! Go get Terry!"

She spun in a circle and ran out the door. To my surprise, I heard her barking at him in the next room!! I had never given her instruction like that before and was so proud of her. It was a real Lassie moment!

Of course, my husband having no idea what was going on told her to quiet down so she returned to me empty handed, so to speak, and I had to get rid of that nasty spider myself.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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