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Gone But Not Forgotten

by Debra Severcool
(Elk Lake, Pennsylvania USA)

It has been a year now, but not a day goes by that I can still see my blue merle Aussie Samson, going everywhere I go and doing whatever it is that I am doing. All with that happy smiling face that an Aussie always has.

We had a pretty short battle with cancer, but it was enough to know that I needed to wish for a quick end for my furry friend. But knowing that if I take him to the vet to end his life in an easier way, I was going to be bringing him home dead. I consulted with our vet and explained how I was feeling. He consoled me and just explained that when the time was right both of us would know.

Well I came to that place on a Friday night around midnight and as it would happen it was a holiday weekend. So I knew on Monday I was going to be the responsible owner and do what I so desparately didn't want to do. But my little guy knew that this was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to decide to do. He was my true friend as he had been for 10 years and did what he has always done. Made my life better for how he was. He passed away during the wee hours of morning and did it with so much grace that it ended up being a special time to reminisce instead of feeling distraught.

He will always have a huge piece of my heart for my lifetime and he is left in a special place down by my arena where he always was watching me ride my horse, making sure I was safe. So now he is always there watching.

A bit later I had required a new Aussie and I never thought that I could admit it but he is just as special as Samson, and every bit as loving, protective and "happy". My little Red tri Bailey boy has become just as special and it's funny because he will sit next to Samson's "spot" and watch me ride also. Its like Samson is still there. Just in different color and alot younger.

This process has made me so aware of how short all our lives are and to truly enjoy every moment that you can. And never regret hard decisions they will work out eventually.

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