Good Therapy Dog?

One of my biggest goals is to own a therapy dog. At the moment my family has two dogs but one is getting older. I have started looking into getting a puppy next and training it for therapy work.

I recently came across the Australian Shepherd and have fallen in love with them so my question is this: would an Aussie make a good therapy dog?

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therapy dog
by: jcrply

Yes, Australian Shepherds can be and are therapy dogs. The main thing is for you to get a dog from a breeder who is reputable, preferably one who is very knowledgeable about the breed. Since you have your heart set on having a therapy dog, you absolutely must meet and interact with both the mother and the father of your puppy. You can assess the temperaments and behavior of the parents, and this can give you some idea of what your pup will be like.

Therapy Dog Handler
by: Barb

Yes, provided they are not shy, and are socialized early around
people & dogs. Be sure to obedience train for good manners, then gradually introduce them to situations that may resemble
a real visit-children, elderly, ambulance noise, wheelchairs, busy hospital lobbies. My Mini Aussie is a therapy dog-it's all about their willingness to be petted by unfamiliar people-so get lots of practice in different settings. They have to have the natural talent to want to, there is no way to train or force them into it. Good luck!

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