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Gracie, Our Aussie Mix

by Tammi & Rob
(Dartmouth, MA)

Loves Car Rides

Loves Car Rides

I have an Aussie mix and her name is Gracie. She is half Aussie and half Lab, but her Aussie traits definitely prevail!

Gracie has turned our lives upside down, sideways and right side up again. She continues to bring so much joy into our lives. We don't know what we would do without her. She is extremely energetic, hard-headed and a sweetheart! I have no doubt in my mind that she would lay her life on the line for us. Gracie challenges us every day and keeps us guessing.

Because she has touched our lives in so many ways, we created a bark blog called Gracie's Bark ( We wanted to be able to share our wonderful dog stories and have other dog owners share their dog stories with us.

Gracie just turned 2 years old in November 2009 and is still keeping us busy! She attends Doggie Daycare and has completed several training courses. We finished an intro to agility last year and we are now looking into getting her more involved in this wonderful activity. She thrives for a challenge and loves to learn new tricks.

We enjoy your Aussie blog and wanted to share our story with you.

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Aussie Traits... Need I say more?
by: Anonymous

I am very lucky that I have a wonderful Trainer in my area. Plus, my trainer volunteers her time at the Doggie Daycare which Gracie attends 1-2 days a week. Trust me, Gracie is a lot of work!! She's very sensitive to her environment. Dogs, people, noises, skateboards, bikes, running children.... and so much more! We work with her constantly. We exercise her everyday, rain or shine. I walk her in the morning before work and in the evening afterwork. The evenings are when we usually walk at the beach where she can run and run and run. We've been struggling with the evening beach walks now because it's getting dark to early.

Having an Aussie involves a lot of patience to say the least. Even to this day, there are times when I look at her and just ask: why do you act like that!? But I remember that she is a dog and she's following her natural instincts. She is very protective of us, which is something we are really trying to work on right now.

Gracie would put her life on the line for us without a blink of an eye, she is an amazing dog. We love her so much. She's 3 years old now and to be perfectly honest I haven't noticed that much difference in her energy level. The difference I do see is that she thrives on consistent positive training. I know it can be frustrating sometimes, but she really gets it after awhile.

She's real tough with people and does not trust them very easily. But when she's had the chance to spend time with them, she loves them like they are part of her family, most of them. There are a few that she just tolerates because we tell her to!

Everyday is a new challenge with her. We'v just adapted and got used to it. We had to in order to understand her.

There are many positive traits about her. When I see some of the nice things she does with my parents two Scottish Terriers or our friend's dogs, it makes me so proud to have her in our lives. She has a unique look in her eye when she's trying to behave... we can really tell she is trying! But sometimes her Aussie instincts kick in. It's okay with us, we want her to be a dog and enjoy life. We do set strict boundaries with her and follow through diligently.

An Aussie is not for everyone. But when you spend your life with one, you realize why you could never have another dog that could replace the loyalty and love you get from an Aussie.

Come check out our Bark Blog at We share stories about our adventures with Gracie and would love to hear more stories from fellow Aussie owner's out there!

by: Tricia

OMG! I have at least two more years of this! My Jessie looks very much like your dog except she is a beautiful brown/red color with gold eyes.

I have had her about 3 months now and no one can believe I still have her. She is just so hyper and not quite the personality of dog I was looking for but she is just so sweet!

She is great one on one. Have no problems with her at all until we go outside. Then, all heck breaks loose! I can hardly contain her when another dog/cat/bird (heck even lizards, we live in Florida) crosses our path. She does not come when called if she sees another animal. Just out of control when she is outside.

I have had two trainers, plus two more consultations with trainers, and they all agree she is extremely smart but they think either she was taken from her mother/litter too soon and did not learn to socialize and/or she may just be wired a bit differently.

Still trying to decide if I can keep her :-( I live alone and work. She may need more than I am able to give, although my (unfortunatley un-employed) brother and my mom come by daily for a nice walk and/or game of fetch while I am at work.

Help request
by: kym

I like to say 'A tired dog is a good dog'. Maybe she needs more excersise than what she is getting. Sometimes Aussies are like that. They tend to get into trouble if the cant release all of their extra engergy and we all know they have ALOT! Maybe some obedience or agility too. They thrive off of these activities.You may want to consider a doggy playdate possibly. I dont like taking mine to dog parks unless there arent many people there. They can be trouble waiting to happen. Hope this helps!

Choc Lab/Aussie..??
by: Tricia

I just "rescued" Jess from a shelter. Was told she was Choc lab/gold retriever mix, maybe 2 years old.

Vet said she is prob Choc Lab/Aussie, 1 year old. Very active. Been thrown out of PetSmart twice. Help!!

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