Grooming An Aussie

Twice now (two different groomers) I have asked for Diesel my 6 year old male aussie to be shaved down for the summer. Both groomers complied without question. Now I have heard that a double coated dog should never be shaved down. Is this true? And,if so, is there anything special I should do for my buddy until his coat grows back?

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Shaving an Aussie
by: Anonymous

I've heard not to shave them. I'd like to know from someone who really knows. I have two Aussies and live where it can get VERY warm in the summer months.

Thank you

Aussie owner
by: Shirley

Do not shave him....that coat is there to protect his skin....against insect bites, sunburn, etc. Shaving does not keep your dog cooler.

Grooming an Aussie
by: Anonymous

You should read the comments in a previous posting: "Cut or Not to Cut!" There is a link an article that addresses this issue. Good luck!

Shaving Aussies
by: Kathy

I have a soon to be 10 yr old male black tri aussie and just lost my 14 yr old black female 5/2/14 and have shaved them every year. I truly believe it is your preference...I have never had any problem with sunburn, bugs etc and it gets up into the 100's in summer where I live...enjoy your dog whichever way you decide.

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