Grooming An Old Aussie

by Carmine
(Jackson, NJ)

In January, I adopted an 11 year old Aussie after her owner died. She had been clipped. Now that her hair is growing back I tried grooming her and she doesn't want it done. I can get a few swipes with a rake or comb and then she starts with the nips to tell me to knock it off.

Any ideas? I tried putting some of her food on the floor and grooming her then but that didn't work out. I don't trust bringing her to any groomer since they might abuse her when she is uncooperative.



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by: jcrply

Instead of a comb or rake, try a very soft brush (even a soft human-type brush) and use it just on the areas that she likes to have scratched... rump? chest? whatever her favorite spots are. And most importantly, give her a special chew ... a bully stick is really good for this... that she can have ONLY while you are gently brushing her. And start with a very short time brushing. Take away the special chew when you stop brushing, and only give it back when you brush. Once she associates the brushing with the yummy chew, you can increase the time and the areas that you brush and finally the tools that you use. The idea is to make being brushed a really fun thing for your dog.

Grooming an Old Aussie
by: Anonymous

Good for you for adopting an older dog - not too many people are willing to do that. My 3 year old will sometimes bite at the rake when I brush her back end hair - you just have to be gentle, pet her while you are brushing her. Maybe she is not use to being brushed, just clipped. Good luck.

Certified Groomer
by: Chelsea

Hi, I have groomed lots of older dogs, some so old I was afraid they were going to pass away right there on the grooming table. I would suggest starting really slow... start by letting your dog sniff the brush. If the dog sniffs and does nothing else, praise him and give him a treat (cheese, carrots, or dog treats, even a piece of their kibble will do). Continue this for another 3-4 times then brush over a small section of hair once and only treat again if the dog allows you to do so w/o nipping. Continue this step several more times and gradually move to brushing 2 times, treating every time as long as he is tolerating it. Move forward, gradually brushing 3-4 times etc. each day until you are able to brush your dog w/o him nipping at you. If he starts to nip again start over and move through the steps slower doing each step several more times before moving to the next step.
Hope this helps,

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