by Nina Morgan
(San Antonio, TX)

I live in San Antonio Tx. Our summers are hot and humid. My Mini Ausie has a very thick under coat and long hair. She is very pretty, I wonder if is OK to cut her hair short (Like a Lab) would her hair grow back? Thank You Nina Morgan. ps. she is 3 years old

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I asked this question of our breeder and she told me not to "shave" or cut the coat short. That will ruin their coat. Since they are double coated, you need to get the undercoat out every month or so. So, get a stripper and it will get out the dead undercoat and relieve some of the heat. Get a good brand - not necessarily the cheapest you can find. Ours was not very expensive, kinda middle of the road, but does a great job.

Furminator Works Well
by: Anton

The Furminator does a good job of getting out the undercoat. I've used it and it's a good quality well made de-shedder.

Here's the link to more info about it on this site:


The Furminator does a great job of getting out the loose top coat. But I have found that it doesn't get the undercoat. You need an actual stripper for that. I think the Furminator company makes a stripper, but if I remember correctly, it is more expensive that the one my breeder recommended. The brand we have is Laure. We got it at PetSmart or Petco. The Mars coat stripper is very good but a little more expensive.

There are different blade sizes. The packages tell you which size to get for your Aussie.

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