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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care


by Marty Harrison
(Powell, Ohio, USA)

My Beautiful Boy.

My Beautiful Boy.

My dog Gyp (name taken from James Herriot Novel) is a Mini Australian Shepherd. His eyes are brown at top and blue on the bottom of each eye. He is 8 years old. He is the love and joy of my life.

My dog was mistaken for a guinea pig when he was a pup because of the mottled coat and he was that tiny.

Prior to purchasing Gyp, I suffered from severe anxiety/panic disorder and had been agoraphobic, (staying in my home) for over 12 years. I had several psychotherapists and medicines that helped a bit, but Gyp, is the real object that helped me heal myself.

Once I got Gyp, I ventured way outside of my comfort zone, because he was my inspiration. Gyp always had a smile and always greeted me with devotion like I had never experienced in my life.

When Gyp is with me I can go anywhere. Several years ago I traveled to New York City (which was at the very height of my fear). I have since traveled to Chicago, several times, Atlanta, and plan to travel more as time and money allow.

When Gyp was just 2 years old, a neighbor's Pit Bull attacked him. He tried to fight back but the Pit locked her jaws around his neck and was killing him. As he had literally saved my life, I was down on the ground and fighting for my dogs life. I had to use a spade shovel inside the pits mouth to pry her jaws open. Gyp had to undergo several surgeries to repair his neck. Amazingly, he now knows the look of pit bulls and gets very aggressive when he sees one. He is still trying to protect me.

I will care for him for the rest of my/his life. I will give him all the love I can.

He is the most intelligent breed in people emotions and intuition that I have ever had the privilege of owning. I always say when I am calling him, he is already standing right behind me ready to please.

My sister who has suffered from Friedreichs Ataxia (Muscular Dystrophy) has Gyp's sister Rose. Rose is always with my sister as a tiny dynamo protecting and loving her.

Australian Shepherds are an amazing breed. I have raised Labradors, German Shepherds, Old English Sheepdogs, Welsh Terriers, Yorkies, and I loved them all, but Aussies are in a league of their own.

Comments for Gyp

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A pit bull attacked our Aussie too
by: Linda Wells

I understand how you and Gyp feel about pit bulls. Our wonderful Aussie went outside every morning to get our newspaper. One morning he picked up the paper and was halfway to our front porch when two pit bulls attacked him. My husband tried to pull the dogs off him and couldn't. I got our 22 and shot and killed both of them. They didn't release our Aussie until they died. Our dog was permanently deaf after the attack but he still insisted on getting our daily newspaper. After all, that WAS his job and no one or no dog could take it away from him. I love Aussies too and have two of them..a standard black tri, Picasso, and a mini black tri, Monet. Aussies are the BEST!

by: Anonymous

Fantastic and touching, glad you have each other :)

Cooper & Bella Mom
by: Jan

What a wonderful story and they are truly the smartest animals around like the bumper sticker says
My Australian Shepherd is smarter than you Honor Student!! so true
I am so happy what GYP has done in your life
May God continue to be with you both!!

by: Tom

OMG, what a Beautiful Dog

Marty and Gyp
by: Kristi

I am so happy that Gyp has made your life wonderful! I remember the name from James Herriot's tales! He's a handsome dog, too. I just adopted my Aussie before Christmas, and I haven't had one in 21 years. My first was Joya, and she was a beautiful black tri. Peter is 10, a red tri, and he is my shadow. I love him dearly, and he cheers me up and makes me so happy. There is really nothing like having an Aussie. The love and devotion is priceless, and mine is extra cute when he gets silly when he plays. May you have many great years with Gyp!

by: ken and karen

You are absosulutly right we had our first aussie as a pup she was the most smartest dog we had. always full of energy... if you would like to read her story its under rainbow bridge under our shelby shells...

I hope we find another one just like her

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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