Hand Biting

Lucy is beyond mouthing... she is actually biting... how do I get this to stop?

Also, she will chase down a ball or frisbee but will never bring it back to me... I have tried all I know... Help!

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Hand Biting
by: Nonnie

I have two eight month old female Aussies. They are half sisters, having the same father. Bailee LOVES the frisbee. She knows where we keep them and she will go to the door and whine. When you pick up the frisbee, she is all over you. We have to strongly tell her to leave it so that we can actually get out the door. She has been this way since she was about three months old. We did not let her run and jump for the frisbee until she was over six months old so that her bones had time to mature. She would play all day long if I would throw it all day long. She is also very adept with a ball, catching it in mid air or on the bounce. Even throwing it for herself and chasing it.

Maggie, on the other hand, really couldn't care less. She wants the ball and the frisbee, but she takes them out in the yard and sits or lays down with them. She just chews hunks out of racket balls.

So all that to say - you can probably teach your Aussie to catch and frisbee, but a lot of it is just their nature. Were the parents frisbee chashers or not?

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