Help! Aussie Eating Everything In Sight!

Am I not feeding my 7 month old Aussie enough since he attacks everything that falls on the floor and eats it and also rocks, sheets, bricks, wood, grass, dirt clumps, bugs, plastic, etc. that he finds outside? He is 58 lbs. and only 7.5 months old. I've only found one chew toy, the Nylabone, that lasts longer than a day. It's lasted a month but he finally got a chunk off. So going to the store today! Help! Will he ever stop wanting to eat junk?

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My dog used to do that too.
by: Anonymous

She grew out of it. It's probably a mix of curiosity and the need to get a lot of calories in while they grow. However, it might be a good time to teach them the leave it command. Check out Zak George's "How to Teach ANY Dog to Leave something alone" video on youtube.

Puzzle toys and kongs
by: Anonymous

Use some puzzle toys (that you can fill with treats) and kongs to increase calories and activity.
If you feel you are overfeeding him, check out a dog weight chart; feel, but don't see ribs and an obvious waist.

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