Help for Aussie's Paranoid Behavior

by Ann
(Dacula , GA)

We got our Aussie from Austrailian Shepard Rescue two years ago. Cooper is a very intelligent and social dog. He has never met a dog he doesn't like. So to enrich his life and ours we decided to adopt another rescue dog.

(An American Eskimo or Eskie with temperment similar to Aussie's but in a smaller package.) The dogs get along well though it is clear that the 11 pound Eskie will soon become the dominant dog. In our efforts to train the Eskie to our electronic fence our Aussie has become afraid to leave the house. He hasn't used his collar in two years because he quickly learned the boundaries of our yard.

However, he must be able to hear our new dog's collar beeping and freaks out! He trembles and shakes and does not want to leave the garage. (We have removed the flags and are no longer using the electronic collar with our Eskie but our Aussie remains terrified of the yard. ) It was our hope the two would romp and play together outside. Unfortunately, our Aussie only wants to play in our master bedroom... not so good for the carpet. Any suggestions to help get our Aussie over his anxiety.

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Aussie's Behaviour
by: Nonnie

Your Aussie should be the alpha / dominant dog. He was there first and should have the place as alpha. It appears that the new dog has taken over and your Aussie has been misplaced. There are many good articles and books on this, or obedience classes that can help you.

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