Help for My Reactive Aussie

by Sundance'sPerson

Greetings, I have a 4 year old male Aussie/Cattle dog cross named Sundance who has been with me since 8 weeks. He came from a backyard breeder and very quickly showed signs of intense fear and social issues.

I have put hours into his training and he is unbelievably attached to me... like, so attached, I'm unsure he could ever transfer his loyalties from me to another person if I decided to rehome him.

He doesn't get along with anyone outside of my small family. No new dogs. No new animals of any kind. No new people. I have become accustomed to crating him away from everyone when I have guests, but he is very reactive inside the home when guests are not present.

He "shock barks" me constantly (full alert, high pitch barks at random times and for no reason). He barks and growls constantly at almost anything and everything (a door being closed upstairs, someone saying "hello" on the phone, door bells on the TV and endless other sounds). He dives headfirst into the door barking at the kitties constantly. I see him starting to focus in on one of the cats and I start to call him off and he does the total opposite.

I really need advise on how to get Sundance to calm down when in the house and not be so reactive. I'm so exhausted of being startled constantly! I would SO appreciate any and all your advise!!! Thank you!

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